Sunday, September 23, 2012

The hay is in the barn

     I completed my longest training run this morning, 22.22 miles. It is now three weeks until the Prairie Fire Marathon and I have finished the hardest part of my training (in theory). The last several weeks I have been putting in 80+ miles a week, including 87.88 this week (if you add today's run that would be 110.1 miles in eight days). 
     My plan now is to decrease my mileage to about 78 miles this week, 64 miles next week, and about 35-40 miles the week prior to the race. The vast majority of these miles will be done at a very easy pace, but I'll make sure to add intensity throughout to try and stay sharp. This is all liable to change as I will be paying close attention to what my body tells me for the next three weeks. 
     Tapering is often talked about as much harder than it seems because the decrease in mileage can make you feel as though you're losing fitness, but I am believer of lessening the load going into the marathon as long as some of the tapered mileage is at a reasonably high intensity. 
     Three more weeks!